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Saturday, March 15, 2014

How To Change Blog Email Address


Exchanging your Blogger blog from one gmail email account to  
an alternate is an extremely straight forward method if you are doing it properly. 

To exchange your Blogger / Blogspot Blog to another email address,  
take after these basic steps accurately:  

1. Sign into your current Gmail account, i mean your administrator email, the  

one you use to sign into your Blog. 

2. From your dashboard, select Customize > Settings> Permissions>  

3. At that point select "Add Author."  

4. Include the new Gmail account as a Author. 

5. Sign out of Blogger and Gmail. 

6. Sign into your new Gmail account. 

7. You will get a message of welcome to be a creator. Accept  

the authorship to your Blog. 

8. Sign Back into the first (administrator) account. 

9. Go Back to Customize> Settings> Permissions. 

10. Gift your new email address Admin Privilege. This will give both  

email locations equivalent blogging control. 

You can now log in with your new administrator email and control your website with it. 

Notwithstanding, in the event that you needed to erase the old email, take the accompanying steps:

1. From your dashboard, select Customize > Settings> Permissions>  

2. At that point clicking "Remove". This separates the email from your Blog. 

When you have disjoined the relationship between the email and your  

blog, your Gmail record can now be securely evacuated without losing your  



  1. Brilliant thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your article.

    1. ur welcome and thanks for ur appreciations


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